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Rad0 and Rad1

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Hello @raf.sonneville,

to make wheels able to roll along the track by rotation around the axle, you must make a "Sketchup group" consisting of the axle and the connected wheels. Give this group a name beginning with "Radanim" (in V3 (version 3) of the Train Studio) or beginning with "_Wheel" (in V4 of the Train Studio). If you have realized several groups (one group for each axle-wheel-combination), you must specify unique names (e.g. Radanim0, Radanim1, Radanim2, ... in V3 or _Wheel0, _Wheel1, _Wheel2, ... in V4).

If you want to realize animated bogies, you also must create a "Sketchup group" containing all parts belonging to the bogie. Especially, all wheels of the bogie (possibly grouped as Radanim... or _Wheel...) must be inside of this group. You can only specify exactly 2 bogie groups for an vehicle model. These groups must be named as "Rad0" and "Rad1" in V3 or as "_WheelSet0" and "_WheelSet1" in V4.

If a bogie should contain rotating wheels, you must create groups Radanim... (V3) or _Wheel.. (V4) groups and insert them into the corresponding Rad0/Rad1 (V3) or _WheelSet0/_WheelSet1 (V4) group (nesting of groups).

If you have designed your Sketchup model in this manner, you can export it to an x-file and then upload to the Train Studio without any further precautions.

Many greetings

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