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Cockpit camera

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i can only show you how to to in Blender... but the basic procedure in sketchup is the same...

Make a model of the train... and export it as .x file (i,e. Train.x)

Make a model of the cockpit...

....  within this model there must be an object (i think in sketchup it is a "group") named "_CCP" (Cockpit-Camera-Position)...
it represents the point from which it is seen   when you "enter cockpit" in TS4)
Note: This object will not be shown in TS4... so you can use anything (i.e. a cube)


... the position of the model "Train-cockpit" based an the model "Train"...

Note: you are looking from inside out! (normals of your faces)...

... and export it as .x file (i.e. Train-cockpit.x)

Import it in TS4 to the catalog as "Vehicle"...
... choose here "Train.x"...


... and here "Train-cockpit.x" (... note the name will not be shown... but i do not know why)

In TS4 the train...

... and the cockpit view...

... hope you can understand and it helps you...


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Hi @raf.sonneville,

as Sketchup modeler, I have not yet any experience with creation and mounting of cockpit models. But I think, that @EASY is quite right with his assumptions for Sketchup use. Especially, all sub-models which should be identified as separate frames within the x-file, must be defined as separate groups in the Sketchup model. This is also true for the "_CCP"-Model.

Many grettings

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