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It must be the heat....

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I know it's hot, and I know that heat can cause steel rails to buckle and warp. But I honestly didn't think it could get hot enough to buckle the rails on a model railway, let alone a virtual model railway...!

And yet it seems this is what is happening! I swear I have "walked" every millimetre of that track, aligning all the track joints, and yet every time I re-open the layout there are another couple of joints out of alignment. I re-align them and save. "Walk" the track (traverse it with the camera at just above the track level), find any others, save... And yet when I re-open, there are new ones!

I'm using the Fleishman N track, because other than Pico it's the only one I've ever heard of - and the Pico track looks wrong somehow...! Anyway, is there some sort of a known bug with the Fleishman track that causes it to have a mind of it's own and move at random? Cos I swear, I'm on the verge of replacing every bit of it!

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Hi simon,
sad to hear about such difficulties. Only way to solve it: export the project to a mbp-file and upload it here (use the link below 'Dateien auswählen').
Then hope that our track-specialists have an idea. If you don't get an answer in time, I'll present the problem in the german section.


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Hi simonjackson1964,

There is a known problem with N scale Fleishmann tracks.
They cannot always be laid in the desired arrangement, because the fixed track geometry of angle and distance cannot meet all requirements. We must therefore confine ourselves to the examples given.
Please give me your track plan to check for discrepancies or errors. I think I can help you.



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