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Hi to all in the know regarding V7

I notice from comments made in certain sections of the forum that some of the goodies to be expected in V7 are clearly being trialled. 

Whilst I am happy to wait for V7 to become available to all I wonder whether anyone can tell me if this new version will have marked improvements for larger layouts. A while ago Neo mentioned that he was hoping to make such an improvement in V7 so fingers crossed this will happen. My layout is now starting to struggle just a little and I have much remaining to complete all present elements to a satisfactory level without adding anything else. 

Having taken professional advice in order to establish if the problem is hardware related I am now satisfied that this is not the case as I have been able to run my layout on a very sophisticated computer only to find I had the same issues. This only leaves a possibility for greater optimisation of the actual program which I hope we might get with V7.

So if anyone can enlighten me further on this point I would be most grateful. In the meantime I will continue my learning curve with improvements and hope that the model railway unions don't decide to call a go slow. Depending on the layout view, fps can drop to 17 which makes you feel as though you have had too many beers!! Careful manipulation can keep things around 30fps +, much better for my failing eyesight.

Kind regards


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Hi Pete,

every new version of MBS will improve the performance of large layouts. In V7, the terrain code was rewritten with speed in mind, so large terrain is much better handled than in older versions.

In mid september, the public beta phase starts, where you can test the new version on your own.

Kind regards,


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