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change model colour scheme


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23 minutes ago, Dad3353 said:

The LOD files and exchange texture, following on from previous post...

Die LOD-Dateien und die Austauschtextur, die an den vorherigen Beitrag anknüpfen ...

Adle_Trai_2.zip 2.56 MB · 1 download

Well Douglas, what can I say! you're an absolute star. The trailer is brilliant. Now to the tricky stuff. The only program I have on my computer at the moment is Paint and I've only ever used it when having to convert a screenshot from a .png to a jpg file, that's it. Back in the days of first starting out with 3d Studio I did download both blender and Gimp but quite frankly I simply could not make any sense out of either. In the past I have used Coral but that was many years ago and having taken a brief look at the present cost I decided to remain ignorant, now that I am good at!!! So I will have to see if I can  download Photoshop and give that a try. I'll let you know how I get on. In the meantime many thanks for taking the trouble to assist me.


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