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Vehicle leaves a tract


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Just now, georgeb said:

As a unit leaves a track I wish to set the vehicle speed to 95    How do I do this?

create an event that uses the Vehicle leaves a track event and have it set the speed to 95


This is generic using any vehicle, but a specific track/   It can also be just one vehicle,

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Close, but no cigar, @Curt84328

You cannot assign the vehicle on track 55200 a new speed, when the vehicle has just vacated the track.
Instead, use "trigger" and then "vehicle" as the target vehicle and "All" for the track, please




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So, as a vehicle leaves a track (last element) in a defined direction, the speed will be set.

There is a "heading towards" option but I can not work out what the exact rules are for this event.





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Hello George.

vor 57 Minuten schrieb georgeb:

I need it to only function in one direction.

then don't use "leaves track" as the triggering event.


  1. place a contact at the spot where you want to change the speed,
  2. disable the contact for one of the two directions and 
  3. use "leaves contact" as the triggering event.

That's why contacts were introduced. Because they are a better means to control such situations.

Kind regards

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Track contacts are great! You can use the same event in multiple places, if you use track contacts. Put the same keyword on each contact, and for this event, a number Variable that holds the speed to set to. Then you use the Vehicle leaves a contact with keyword option. In the set Vehicle speed action specify an extended variable as the speed, with the object set to trigger track contact and the variable as the one holding the speed.

I'm on my phone right now and can't show examples, but that means you can have fun working it out, right?

If you get stuck just ask.

Your homework is towork out how to set a different speed for each different loco! ;-D

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