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Upgrading a V5 layout to V7


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es ist einfach, jede Kreuzung in ein schaltbares Gleis zu verwandeln. Man muß jeder Spur der Kreuzung mit dem Gleiseditor eine Schaltposition zuweisen.

it is easy to turn any crossing into a switchable track. You have to assign a switch position to each track of the crossing with the track editor.
Switch position 0

Switch  position 1

I have not tried out how the intersection behaves in the respective routes.

Ich habe nicht ausprobiert, wie sich die Kreuzung in den betreffenden Fahrstraßen verhält.




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Hi Henry.

Thanks, but I already did exactly that and saved the results in my own catalogue, for all the crossings in the "Model Oriented, Standard Gauge" set.

It's also possible (but a little bit more complex) to turn a double or single slip into a crossing, by removing route 2 (and 3 if it's a double), and removing the corresponding switch positions.

The complicated bit was figuring out how to save them!

I have tested how they behave and they work exactly as they should: routes remain blocked until the last wagon is clear, then they select. This is why I think this should be done to all the crossings in the catalogue, because it is how the trains are supposed to behave prototypically.

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