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Hello, about this version. A bit confusing for me. 

When @Neo had the beta version V8.5.3.0 to test out, I was in that version. 
I buyed V8.5 and so I came in V8.5.4.0 and now in V8.5.5.0. But as always I do keep the previous versions. So I have  and in parallel. ( and not 8.2.x as I expected )

Question : If  I want to change a layout that was published in 8.2.x  and do the change in will users that have 8.2.x see a working layout after publishing ?

Regards, Herman 

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When you save a layout with version 8.5, the data file has the format for 8.5 layouts.
It contains information which was unknown when 8.2 was programmed.
(Information related to features that were not yet known at the time, because they didn't exist then.)

So the logical answer is: Version 8.2 cannot read 8.5 layouts.

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Only a pity I did not have the 8.2.x anymore. Because I regular backup to a local file, and those backup's are already 
No problem, I'll go on with And if there is a problem found in one of the 8 layouts, I put it in, correct it there and republish.
Thank you Goetz. 

Greetings, Herman

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20 minutes ago, Neo said:

especially don't keep old test versions

Hello @Neo , indeed, normally I keep only the new and the latest old version. This time the change was something special, I was not the only one to be a bit confused. You had to give free the test version when a user asked for, it was a time uncertain which items were going to the new version / to the +packages 

And before I realized it, all the material was already in even in local backups, before buying then. ( so no reliable old backups in 8.2.2 ) 
But thank you for your answer. ( * )


(*) I will even try to carefully migrate all my stuff to and then delete the test version. But still keeping old non test versions. 

Edited by Herman
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