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reading variables into EV


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I know this can be done, but not how.   I want to read the current speed of a locomotive and store it as a variable, then later set the locomotive speed back to that speed after stopping.     also,  I have some steep grades on my layout, and the locomotive slows down.  is there a way to keep the actual speed constant?

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Hi Curt84328,

1) ... the current speed see wiki...

"6. Variables" -> Objektname._CurrentSpeed: Returns the current actual speed of the object in mm / s back (if it is the object is a locomotive, otherwise 0 is returned)

2) ...take this to "off"



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try out the zipped file from here

you must store the current speed into a local variable by the signal. The _trigger event is for the moment to store the speed , so you can later assign the speed from the signal variable to the loco.

To get constant speed in steep grades you must deaktivate the automatic speed adjustment in the properties window.



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