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3D Train Studio Videos (English)


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Hello Curt,

after watching your first tutorial, I'd like to inform you about a neat copying trick in the MBS:

Select an item, hold down the ALT key and then drag the selected item away a bit. You'll find that you don't drag the original item, but instead a copy of that item.

Better still: You can do this with groups too. You can for instance build half an oval, block-select it, drag a copy out (by holding down the ALT key), spin the copied block 180° and bring it close to the original half to make it snap in. The result is a complete and joined up oval.

Here's a short video (without sound) demonstrating the procedure:
ALT key copying in MBS

Whenever the gismo disappears, I'm holding down the ALT key.

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Hi Curt,

... well done !

.... most time i do not need the sound to understand what to do...
...  in German we say "Bilder sagen mehr als tausend Worte" (Pictures say more than a thousand words)... this is true for your videos


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