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Fähre klein - Small ferry boat


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Hallo hubert.visschedijk,
unter den Materialeigenschaften (das Zahnrad oder Rechtsklick auf das Modell)
-> "im Internet veröffentlichen"
Dann solltest du noch eine Kategorie angeben. Wenn das Modell die Online-Begdingungen erfüllt (Anzahl der Polygone und Materialien) ist es nach Freigabe durch Neo (in der Regel maximal 1 Tag) für alle User verfügbar.
Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, wähle nach
"im Internet veröffentlichen" -> "als Entwurf veröffentlichen"
Dann gibst du hier im Forum die Content-ID bekannt und Neo sowie weitere Modellbauer können dir helfen, die notwendigen Bedingungen für dein Modell zu erfüllen.


Hello hubert. visschedijk,
under the material properties (the gear wheel or right click on the model)
"Publish on the Internet"
Then you should add another category. If the model meets the online requirements (number of polygons and materials), it is available for all users after approval by Neo (usually 1 day maximum).
If you're not sure, choose after
"Publish on the Internet" -> "Publish as a concept"?
Then post the content ID here in the forum and Neo and other model builders can help you to fulfill the necessary conditions for your model.


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Hi Hubert,

you need special rights in order to upload 3D models to the online catalog, the sharing option is only available after your account has been upgraded to a "content creator" account. Let me know if you plan to upload multiple models in the future, I can then enable your account for uploading.

Kind regards,


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:D Neo , great !

I got a few models ready, just need to refine some things. I made those models for RuleTheRail in the past. There i was also one of more active modelers. My name on the fórum there is humabilohe...

At this moment i´m refining a copy i made of the Fourth of Firth Bridge and just finished a copy of the Bloukans bridge from South África. Made that one as the original (for cars) but made one for trains aswell.


Working also on the Roof of the St James station in London and a Boatlock. (will need help on how to configure the doors to open)

I made a model with pieces from the game, to see if it was possible to lift water, the tracks and the boat. It seems to bve possible contecting the track of the ship to a dummy-lok. that dummy lok then again is placed on a vertical piece of track.






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Hi Hubert,

I've upgraded your account, you are now able to upload 3D models to the online catalog by right clicking the model in the catalog and choosing "Publish to the internet".

Please note that you can only upload models which meet the requirements (no warnings in the model editor) and that all models are manually reviewed by me, which can last some business days.

I'm pleased to see your models online.

Kind regards,


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