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Eric Lord

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I have at last made a river/valley and saved it, but I have decided that I need to place it in a different location.

Can anyone please tell me how to revert the base board back to a flat surface without loosing the tracks to allow me to reposition the river/valley.



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Hi Eric

The simplest way: Delete the board and add a new one to your layout.

However - if the base board has any features you'd like to keep - say surface textures in various areas - you may want to select the height mode, mark the entire surface and enter the height 0 in the field at the bottom right corner. This will only revert the board to a flat shape without affecting the textures

You may also export the height map of your base board to a graphic file. That generates a grey scale picture (bmp format), representing the various heights. You can use that to alter the height of any section by simply painting the appropriate shade over it. Then re-import the file as a height map.

kind regards

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Sorry to ask this but how do I do it?

If I had asked this question weeks ago it would have saved me quite a lot of time.

I have in the past redone my tracks onto a new board about four times now.

So in future, the first thing to do is ask the question before doing anything.

Looking forward to your reply, and thanks again.



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Hi Eric,

vor 11 Minuten schrieb Eric Lord:

how do I do it?

Do what?
Delete the board?

Select it and press the delete key on your keyboard.
To select the base board, you'll have to double click it, because the board is "pinned".
But you know that, for sure, because you had to select it when you formed your river.

How do you add a new board?
Pick it from the online catalogue. You'll find it under "landscaping -> panels", where it is called "Rechteck" (meaning rectangle)

And here's another nifty trick that computer experts use a lot:
Whenever you're about to do something that you feel may be a bit risky, because you're uncertain of the outcome, first save your current project under a new name. To do so, use "save as" from the menu instead of "save" and enter a name that differs from the original one. Now you have two copies of the same layout. The old, original one and another with a different name. No matter, what mess you create on that new copy, your original is safe and you can go back to it at any time.



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Thanks again Goetz,

All is now well and I now have a copy of my layout on the new baseboard to allow me to practice on, I did know about saving the extra copy under save as but it had never crossed my mind to do it until you mentioned it.

You are a lifesaver.


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9 hours ago, Goetz said:

...And here's another nifty trick that computer experts use a lot...

I'd further this suggestion. As I'm building a layout, I save a first version as xxxxx_00. When I have it stable, I save, then save again as xxxxx_01, and continue building until it's once again stable. I'll save this, then save once again as xxxxx_02. This continues, incrementing each time, until I've finished the layout (but is it ever 'finished'..?). I have layouts saved as xxxxx_27, for instance. This method means that I can go back to a previous 'save point' and build differently, if I find I've made a mistake, or changed my mind (or learned something new...). If I'm really not going to work (play..?) any more on the layout, I'd save as xxxxx and delete the accumulation of back-up versions.
Just a thought; hope it helps. 

Ich würde diesen Vorschlag fördern. Während ich ein Layout erstelle, speichere ich eine erste Version als xxxxx_00. Wenn ich es stabil habe, speichere ich, speichere es dann erneut als xxxxx_01 und baue weiter, bis es wieder stabil ist. Ich werde dies speichern und dann noch einmal als xxxxx_02 speichern. Dies wird jedes Mal inkrementiert fortgesetzt, bis ich das Layout fertiggestellt habe (aber ist es jemals "fertig" ..?). Ich habe Layouts zum Beispiel als xxxxx_27 gespeichert. Diese Methode bedeutet, dass ich zu einem vorherigen 'Speicherpunkt' zurückkehren und anders bauen kann, wenn ich feststelle, dass ich einen Fehler gemacht oder meine Meinung geändert habe (oder etwas Neues gelernt habe ...). Wenn ich wirklich nicht mehr am Layout arbeiten (spielen ..?), Würde ich als xxxxx speichern und die Ansammlung von Sicherungsversionen löschen.
Nur ein Gedanke; ich hoffe es hilft.

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