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Crash Barriers


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vor 23 Stunden schrieb 220hotwheels:

Hi Hubert

I'd wondered how that element worked having noticed such items in earlier posts. What do they say "A day without learning is a day lost" true, but with such good members as there are in MBS then not many days are lost. Many thanks for the pointer.

I will get back to you with those photo's a.s.a.p. By the way I have added street lighting to your suspension bridge. It looks great. See attached. Your comment regarding the third track in the ferry. I hadn't noticed but now you have pointed this out I will have to reconsider that aspect.

Kind regards


street lighting on suspension bridge 2021-08-18 18.41.31.jpg

Pete, as you noticed, the street lights connect automatically to the spline. You allready found out how to resolve that, without everyhing being out of line?

Kind regards

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