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Wheel Speed

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I am trying to get a wagon wheel to rotate at the correct speed

I am using Blender 2.93 , gITF 2.0 exporter and 3d Train Studio  V6

I can get the wheel to run as the carriage moves , but cant fined where to correct the speed

Cheers Ricard


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Hello Richard

There are 2 types of wheel rotation, the simplest is the _Wheel where the wheel rotates at a standard speed, starting from a 1 m circle.
Very well described above by @Reinhard.

The second type is a little more complicated because you have to define the animation yourself, you need the diameter.

Depending on this, you now have to calculate the circumference and convert it into the animation, i.e.:

Create a rotation animation that has at least 360° (1 rotation with a diameter of 1m), if the wheel is now smaller, for example 0.8m in diameter, you must increase the rotation by 20%, i.e. 1 animation rotation is then 360°+20%=432°.

You have to define this animation in the *.anim like this: (Frame 0 and Frame 50 should have the same value, otherwise you'll get a lag)


If you notice slight jumps when testing, you have to play with the degrees a bit, up or down, sometimes you have to experiment to find the best value.
The whole only works well as long as the wheel has no spokes and the geometry is disturbed, in which case you have to use the next best value.

cheers max

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