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Links that do not maintain the position of the linked object


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Hello developers, I should have posted the problem with the forklift immediatly here ( see problem and solutions ). Maybe it is typical for my PC only. I hope so for other members... here it is not nice. In more of my layouts I noticed this, but it is mostly a very little move, so you do not see it directly. However, after a time it can cumulate, let's say wood that does not stay inside the wagon anymore. In the case of the forklift is it clearly visible, even when setting my graphics high. So the problem is still here. 
What do we see ? The moving object itself is not moving smoothly, it jumps from position to position as if you miss frames. ( yes you can see this and not only with the forklift )
If the object has a linked object on it, that other object will not move correctly with it. And indeed, if the PC is more busy, the sooner and extreme the problem occurs. And with objects that are moving slowly you can better see the moving shocks. Sorry but I have to report this here, ... I still hope I'm wrong. 

Hallo Entwickler, ich hätte das Problem mit dem Gabelstapler gleich hier posten sollen ( siehe Problem und Lösungen ). Vielleicht ist es einfach typisch für meinen PC. Ich hoffe es für andere Mitglieder... hier ist es nicht schön. Ich habe es in mehreren meiner Layouts bemerkt, aber es ist normalerweise eine sehr kleine Bewegung, so dass man es nicht direkt sieht. Mit der Zeit kann es sich aber summieren, z. B. Holz, das nicht mehr im Wagen bleibt. Im Fall des Gabelstaplers ist es deutlich sichtbar, auch wenn ich die Grafik hoch einstelle. Das Problem ist also immer noch da. Was sehen wir? Das sich bewegende Objekt selbst bewegt sich nicht flüssig, sondern springt von einer Position zur anderen, als ob Frames fehlen würden. ( ja, das kann man sehen und nicht nur beim Gabelstapler ).
Wenn das Objekt mit einem anderen Objekt verbunden ist, bewegt sich dieses andere Objekt nicht korrekt mit. Und in der Tat, je stärker der PC ausgelastet ist, desto schneller und extremer tritt das Problem auf. Und bei Objekten, die sich langsam bewegen, kann man die sich bewegenden Unebenheiten besser sehen. Tut mir leid, aber ich muss das melden. ... Ich hoffe immer noch, dass ich falsch liege. 

Kind regards, Herman

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Hello @Neo , no sorry, nevertheless thank you for this short reply.
Focus on only one problem : the forklift where the timber does not follow correctly.  ( a link to an object that is linked by the animation of the crane ( europallet ) ( as you can see the europallet stays on his place, the timber not)
Because it is very annoying. As I said in the other post, I have a workaround, so the layout is nearly finished.


If I set in the MBS the graphics on low, the error is reproducable in a very short time on my laptop. ( but only on a very busy layout* )
1. So I conclude even if you  look only at the forklift, it is not reproducable on your PC, as @EASY said on his PC ?
2. The minor changes of a linked object are never mentioned by another user ? I read a longer time ago if you place a linked label on a bus front, because you want your own destination, that it is not a good solution because it does not stay exactly in position ? I cannot find this post anymore.

Thank you for putting a little time in it, even it is not solved. ( here on my laptop )

Kind regards, Herman


mostly I use a level of detail : normal. On high, it is better but the error remains, but the distortion is not so heavy.

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vor 44 Minuten schrieb Herman:

The minor changes of a linked object are never mentioned by another user ?

I had that when using the camera trick for the cable car (in older versions). There were more things linked in a row. I thought that's due to using short float variables somewhere. I also had to adjust my forklift transport a few times, so especially pickup positions. Because I pickup a container only once a day, this would take a long long time to spot a distortion. And the camera trick is gone today, so I can't support checks. But yes, there is something...

Kind regards,

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