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New : Portal connection via EV ( new beta update )

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1 hour ago, simonjackson1964 said:

It doesn't open on V8, presumably needs an update?

Yes @simonjackson1964 beta is needed.  Sorry.

But it is a new feature. Could be interesting if you want to send the train to another portal via event management. ( EV )

Just the code as preview :


Kind regards, Herman


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I see, this does look interesting.

So for example, I could have a start portal with a V-depot feeding road vehicles to it, a list of end portals, indexed via a random number generator, and have the road vehicles go to a randomly selected entry-point on the layout?

I had (at version 7) a layout that had almost every variant of almost every road vehicle (except a few I didn't like) loaded in a V-depot, and they would pick a random route down a hidden road with lots of junctions, to arrive at the portal that linked to the entrance point. But this new thing would be a lot more efficient.

Sadly a computer failure means I no longer have that layout. And yes I know I should have backed them up. Lesson learned.

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Sorry for the double post... Could this feature be expanded to allow the connection property on other objects to be accessed via EV? So for example, Screenshot2023-08-24192813.jpg.9440b29e0c11ea340a7ebc3ad14a4d96.jpg

In the above situation the connection between the main and advance signal could be changed depending on the point setting?

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb simonjackson1964:

In the above situation ...

you can already use the EV to respond to a changing main signal and set the advance signal accordingly, taking the current switch setting into account.
Similar effort, just a different approach.

Does that help?


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Is Lua an option for you, @simonjackson1964?

The following code does exactly what you were asking:

if track.state == 0 then
  $("Formvorsignal 1").connection = $("Formsignal 1")
  $("Formvorsignal 1").connection = $("Formsignal 1#2")

The property "connection" is the type of link that lets one signal mimik the other.
This property became available with version 8 of the software

The "track.state" in my example is the condition of a switch point, which I used to trigger the event.


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Lua is something I am learning slowly and piecemeal. As with any programming language, the trick lies in knowing what goes where, and what you can and can't do with a function, operation, and property, as well as knowing what of the aforementioned building blocks are available!

When I was in my 20s I learned a version of COBOL for my work, and there was a massive book in the office with all the various non-standard functions that could be called to do different things.

In my 30s I tried to learn Delphi, and in my 40s, Visual C++. I mastered the syntax and the basic principles of both languages easily. What I didn't have was that book with all the available function calls and what they did!

I might see if I can find a book on Lua, because it would be handy to know it.

But yes, I can see that function, could easily be modified from a standard Event "When Switch Position Changes"... Thanks. If I ever find myself needing it, I will have totally forgotten this post!

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