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Under "Catalog" there is an option to import 3d models with an ".mbe" extension. What the heck is an .mbe file? What is used to create models with this extension? I understand that Sketchup can be used but no one explains how to do it and there is no .mbe extension there either under the export feature. And I am referring to just building models here, not engines or rolling stock. I am designing my first n-scale layout using Kato track and really like the results from your software.

You have a great product here but the support for non-European users is poor even under the professional package, which I just bought. And translating all the forum information into English misses a lot of information.

I look forward to your explanation of how to use Sketchup.



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Hi Mark,

here is an overview of file extensions:

*.mbe file is the file format used by this program (means Modell-Bahn-Extract) and contains all selected objects of a project. Otherwise is a
*.mbp file the format in the same manner but for the complete Modell-Bahn-Project, will say all objects are included.
Both formats are used to interchange directly layouts and models between single users. This helps us to avoid blowing up the catalog and you for OFFLINE use. They have nothing to do with SketchUp.

With SKETCHUP you will create *.skp files. These files can not be directly imported into our projects. They first have to be converted either into a *.X or *.3ds file format by an external export-program.

After that *.X or *.3ds files can be added into the calalog or your project for further use or export as *.mbe file.

Hope it helps, best regards,


(y) P.S. english is allways welcome, sorry for coming up delays caused by translation. ;)

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Hello, I'm new to 3D Modellbahn, and I live in the US.  I use Power-Loc tracks and I could not find them in the Catalog, nor could I find other commonly found US track.  So I created what I think is a near-equivalent.  I am attaching a file (.zip) that has 8 mbe files, 1 for each kind of track (18-inch radius curve, 22-inch radius curve, 9-inch straight, 3-inch straight, left switch, right switch, 6-inch crossing, and 1-inch bumper).  I hope I have made them correctly, and I offer them to anyone who might be interested in using them.  Please excuse me, if I have post this comment in the wrong place.


Hallo!  Ich bin newlich an 3D Modellbahn gekommen, und Ich wohne in der USA.  Ich benutze Power-Loc Gleise.  Ich habe solche Gleise nicht im Katalog gefunden, auch nicht andere am häufigsten gebraucht (in USA) Gleise.  Darum habe ich gemacht was ich denke fast gleichwertig ist.  Ich befestige eine Datei (.zip).  Darin ist 8 .mbe Dateien (18-inch-Radiuskurve [456.803 mm], 22-inch-Radiuskurve [559.197 mm], 9-inch-geradewegs [228.6 mm], 3-inch-geradewegs [76.2], Linksweiche, Rechtsweiche, 6-inch Kreuzung [152.4 mm], und 1-inch-Stoßstange).  Ich hoffe daß ich habe diese Dateien gut gemacht, und ich erbiete diese Dataeien irgend jemand der diese Gleise benutzen möchte.  (Bitte, entschuldigen Sie, wenn ich diesen Vermerk am falschen Fleck aufgestellt, [und entschuldigen Sie auch meine deutsche Sprache].)


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I have a question related to the Sketchup question.  If someone creates an object, such as a building or a vehicle, with Sketchup, and then shares the project, will others be able to see the created item, or will it show up as a question mark?

Also related to this topic are the game's primitives.  Building an object with primitives can require hundreds of individual pieces.  I've built a passenger station, an oil refinery, and 6 Peterbilt trucks with trailers.  I can't begin to count the number of individual pieces I've used (one truck and trailer requires over 60 individual pieces, and that's with minimum detailing on them). The computer's memory usage is off the scale when viewing these items in 3D mode.  Is there a way to take a model built with the game's primitives and convert it into a single object?

If the answer to both of the above questions is no, then why not make a separate 3D studio where those of us who like to scratchbuild custom objects can do so, save them as a single object, and then share them with others so they can be seen and even saved.  I'm sure other's have scratchbuilt objects that I would like to use, and others may like to use some of the things I build.

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Hello badattitude77,

I can only reply to your 1st question:

When you have created a model with Google Sketchup, you need an exporter which converts your "skp"-model to an "x"-file (DirectX format). This file you can upload to the online catalog of the 3D-TrainStudio, so that it can be applied successfully by other users.

But - as I know - there is no possibility to include an exporter to the actual version(s) of Sketchup. You must use the old Sketchup version 8 (downloadable e.g. here or here) to include a (Direct)X-exporter as a "plugin" to sketchup. How to do this, you can find a detailed description here and  within the description of the ZIP-file attached there (sorry, the description is only in German).

I hope, that I could help you with this answer.

Many greetings



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Hi badattitude77,

regarding your second question: Groups of primitives are automatically collapsed to a single mesh when the group is added to the catalog. Make sure that you group your primitives (menu edit - group) and then add the group to your catalog (menu catalog - 3d models - new - selection). Note that this only works for grouped primitives. You cannot include other object types in the group.

Kind regards,


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Thank you BahnLand and Neo for the replies.  I'll look into the Sketchup information and see if I can figure it out (I'm not a computer guru unfortunately).  The information on the primitives should be a great help in keeping my computer's memory from going over the edge as I design new items. 


Thank you both again,

BadAttitude 77

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Hello BadAttitude 77,


and.... now what?

... you see this window


if you click on "Model" you get a new Window...


the description of this controlers see here

... if you have done click "OK" and you will get back to the window below...

... ckick "Next" to the final window...


... hope it helps you


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