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Tutorial to enter new model


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Hello Bev,

to upload an x-format model into the train studio realize the following steps:

  1. Select from the menu line "Catalog - 3D models - New"
  2. The "3D model setup" window gets opened.
    Click to the "3D model" selection button, so that you can choose the type of the model to be uploaded. You can select between the following model types:
    - 3D model (simple model like a building)
    - Barrier (implies an animation for opening/closing the barrier)
    - Controller (may be analogous or digital)
    - Particle system (has different proprties to set)
    - Signal (implies an animation for setting different states)
    - Track/Street (uploading a track or street basic model for creation of tracks/streets along splines)
    - Vehicle (locomotives, waggons, automobiles, ships, walking persons, ...)
  3. After you have selected the model type:
    Select the "variations" tab and click to the "+" button.
    Now, you can select the x-file to be uploaded.
  4. Depending on the model type, you can selet further tabs to complete the settings for your model.
  5. Click to the save button below the model picture.
  6. Select the category within the "My 3D models" part of the online catalog and
    finally save your model in the train studio.

Before you can upload the x-file to the train studio:

  • Make sure, that all materials to be used by the x-file are located within the same windows directory as the x-file.
  • The dimensions of the texture pictures to be used from the x-file must be twofold powers, i.e. the side lengths must be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,128, 256, 512, 1024 or 2048 pixels, height and width may be different.

Many greetings

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Further to my query about creating new models, I am trying to create a UK signal.I have created a basic model that I can import . I have created  an animation for changing the signal lamps from on to off. I have created this is with Blender, could some please tell me how to transfer the animation to  3D model

Thank you


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Hi Bev,

i made a simple example (signal with 4 states "off, "red", "yellow", "green")

... export animation in Blender...

... with a text-editor write this line "_AnimSignal;0;3" and save the file as .anim. (It must have the same name as the signal und must be in the same folder)
(... because it is only the show different colors every signal state is one frame)

Note: the animation in Blender should start with frame "0"

... import the model to 3D TS (see BahnLand) and define it as "Signal"...

... define the signal states...

... and save the model.

This is the result....

in the .zip file is the .blend, the .anim and the . x file (and the texture)...




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... this are my "normal" defininitions (object names) in the Blender model...

 ... to make an object "shineing" in the dark you can set the prefix "_LS" or "_LC" to the object name in Blender...


... following pictures show the difference in the restul in 3D TS...



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Hello Bev,

it is also possible with Sketchup to create highlighted objects:

Select the parts of your model which should be illuminated. Make a "group" of them and give this group an name beginning with "_LS". That's all.

After you have created the x-file from your Sketchup model and uploaded this x-file to the Train Studio, the part of your model, which is grouped with an _LS name, will be shown as illiuminated, while the other parts of your model will remain non-illuminated.

You can also define several groups within your Sketchup model, which should be illuminated. Give them all different names all beginning with "_LS".

If you use "_LC" as predfix instead of "_LS", you get the effect shown in the picture of EASY's comment above.

Many greetings

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I have a similar but somewhat more complex question:

Modern stations increasingly use LED panels such as the one below to identify the next train starting from each platform.


I would like to model such a thing and have it change display as trains pass through the station.

To me this sounds like I should model a simple stretched cube as a signal displaying different things as time goes by.

Trouble is the different things are not 3-4 lights next to one another but say a dozen displays one after the other in exactly the same place.

Can I model that as explained above with a dozen superposed / merged stretched cubes of which only one at a time is displayed?

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Hi Phil

In reply to your query, I think one way to solve your problems is to create a series of elongated cubes. The cubes have the same location and each contain a different message.The cubes will be contained in one slightly larger cube that acts as the case.  An animation is then produced pulling each message cube forward to show message and then return.




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