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plugin to CDM-Rail


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I have some questions about creating a new plugin to CDM-Rail :

1. Is-it possible ?

2. Is it acceptable ?

3. When yes, what are the requirements to create it ?

4. Who is able/authorized to create it ?

5. What should be known by bot side : 3D train studio & CDM-Rail ?

Thank you for your returns and your help



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Hallo, hier ist die Übersetzung (von Google) für Sie
Ich habe einige Fragen zum Erstellen eines neuen Plugins für CDM-Rail:
1. Ist es möglich?
2. Ist das akzeptabel?
3. Wenn ja, was sind die Voraussetzungen für die Erstellung?
4. Wer kann / darf es erstellen?
5. Was sollte von der Bot-Seite bekannt sein: 3D Train Studio & CDM-Rail?
Vielen Dank für Ihre Rückkehr und Ihre Hilfe
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CDM-Rail acts as a 2D track planner having the final purpose to drive a real layout.  The plugin I would like to build should be an interface between CDM-Rail and 3D train studio exactly as the Rocstudio works as an interface between Rocrail & 3D train studio.

In other words, this plugin should be able to translate the incoming instructions from CDM-Rail into events and orders in 3D train studio.  CDM-Rail will probably consider 3D train studio as a real layout and will manage it.

Thank you for your help


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Hi Neo,

1. Where can I find a sample of a plugin?

2. In what langage must it be written?

3. To answer to your question, CDM-Rail has a "communication protocol" communicating via IP; is this ok to communicate with 3D?



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Am ‎18‎.‎12‎.‎2018 um 16:11 schrieb Neo:

Hi André,

there are several templates available, see here, here and here.

You can use any programming language which can send and receive simple TCP commands. The 3D Train Studio interface uses simple text messages, see the Wiki. Seems like it's similar to CDM-Rail.

Kind regards,


Hello Neo,

Happy new year.

I've read a lot of documentation at both sides (mean 3DTS & CDM-Rail) and I cannot see the way to build a bridge between the two.  However, you do it well with RocRail. 

Do you think that it would be possible to get the link to the sources of this plugin or is it copyright.

Thank you anyway for your help.


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