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Vertical Sync in Graphics


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For reasonable good performance on screen the best options are still: keep it simple, keep it compact.

Every polygone intense item as well as eloborate and large event controls (EV) especially on a huge layout add drag to the graphics and main system.

But there is hope. Model builders are getting better in creating fantastic models with only a few polies and now with the new V5 we should expect to have a more powerful and less pc-power using EV



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vor 6 Stunden schrieb Curt84328:

I unchecked Vertical sync, and my frame rate jumped from 60 to 300.

Not surprising, Curt.

The refresh rate of your monitor is 60 Hz. It cannot show more than 60 different frames per second. If you sync the output of 3D MBS with your monitor, the software only renders frames that the monitor can actually show.

Without the sync, the software may well be capable of producing many more frames. But the monitor can't show them, because it's refresh rate is fixed. Anything else would result in unbearable flickering. So what'll happen, when the software produces more frames than the monitor can handle? Simple: The next frame is ready to show while the monitor is still busy drawing the previous one. Halfway down the screen (or where ever the drawing process is at that moment), the content changes to the new frame. If you have movement in your picture, you may notice a rip in your picture. The faster the movement, the more noticeable the tearing. The "vertical sync" option prevents tearing, that's all.

At framerates below 60, you shouldn't see any difference between "vertical sync" on / off. 

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