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oh, they do everything - computers


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for @Dad3353, @220hotwheels, @simonjackson1964 and anyone who loves the British outlook on life:

One of my all time favourite British TV films is the chain from Granada TV.
Beginning at 28:50, it has a short section concerning computers that I find hilarious.
Make sure you watch the next 7 minutes until 35:30 to get the full story.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do

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19 hours ago, Goetz said:

it's a gem, innit?
So very clever

How very true. Alf Garnett was very popular back in the 80's/90's. My Dad worked in removals for Pickfords. When he retired he was General manager of their Manchester branch. During school holidays, back in the early 60's I used to work on the vans to earn a bit of pocket money and some of the lads that I worked with were certainly a colourful lot! We also came across many "very thrifty" clients but I don't recall any of them going so far as to take the ashes out of the grate.

Anyway many thanks for sharing that little gem. As they say the older ones are the best and that is often so very true.



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