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Hi @georgeb,

sofern das Modell über einen Antrieb verfügt: Modell anklicken und im Eigenschaftsfeld dieses Modells kannst du deine Voreinstellungen ändern

Gruß Karl

if the model has a drive: Click on the model and in the properties field of this model you can change your default settings.

Greetings Karl

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vor einer Stunde schrieb georgeb:

Is there a tutorial ..?

Hello George,

does my screenshot not explain everything you need to know?
I highligted the one aspect that someone might miss.

Kind regards

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9 hours ago, georgeb said:

Is there a tutorial / manual for Event Management  (in English) ?

Not so far as I'm aware, but mostly it's pretty intuitive. Most objects can have events connected to them, the most common being vehicles and track contacts. You can create an event in the event management menu or from the object it relates to. (Setting a keyword on a group of similar objects means they can all trigger the same event). Yu can select conditions and actions for what each event does from the drop-down menus.

I think the easiest way to learn it is to create a "test track" layout and just play with different events. There are some things you can't do, unfortunately, but using a "manually triggered event" can get you around a lot of obstacles too. If you come across something you don't understand there are plenty of people willing to help!

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Setting acceleration and deceleration within the control panel for a locomotive gives a realistic action for whenever the locomotive starts or stops regardless of where the loco is in the layout.  In some early railroads approaches to bridges or trestles had a sign to warn the engineer to slow to a certain speed for crossing the bridge or trestle.  This is where you would place a track contact to slow all trains approaching the bridge.   


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