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Eric Lord

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I had to reinstall my base board last week.

Since doing so I have noticed that in all three views that when I add a switch point that the short straight end next to the turn out isn't showing although the rest of the switch is.

When I add a track piece to this now invisible end it shows green as though connected.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanking you in advance. 

Eric Lord

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Please, Eric 

learn how to take a screenshot of the situation and how to insert that picture into your posting.
Unlike you, we see nothing of your situation and your description is too arbitrary to figure out what the problem is.

Better still: Publish your layout, to give me the oportunity to inspect it.

Thank you

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Best guess, your new baseboard isn't level.

Assuming you are using Windows 10 or later, in the start menu, under "Windows Accessories", you should have a "Snipping Tool" - a pair of scissors overlaid on a white ellipse with a red border.


This tool will allow you to "snip" a portion of your screen and save it to a file (default name is "Capture" but can be changed)Snip2.thumb.jpg.ed80f6d2e21a04f8061a85efbd09862d.jpg

Click "New", then select the area of the screen you wish to "snip" - The snipping tool automatically disappears as you do (I did these screen-shots the old fashioned way).

If you miss the bit you want, just click "New" again and keep trying until you have what you want.

Once you have your image:


Click the save icon.

Remember where you saved it and insert the image here using the attachment box below.

This will make it much easier for Goetz, and te others (even me) to help figure out what is wrong.



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Hallo @Eric Lord,

wenn ich das richtig sehe, sind deine Gleise in die Bodenplatte versenkt. Im Planungsmodus werden die inaktiven Spuren einer Weiche leicht abgesenkt und die aktiven Spuren leicht angehoben. So kann man sehen, wie die Weiche gestellt ist. Damit verschwinden bei dir die inaktiven Spuren unterhalb der Oberfläche. Ein leichtes Anheben der Gleise wird das Problem lösen.

if I see this correctly, your tracks are sunk into the floor slab. In planning mode, the inactive tracks of a turnout are lowered slightly and the active tracks are raised slightly. This way you can see how the turnout is set. This way the inactive tracks disappear below the surface. Raising the tracks slightly will solve the problem.


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Hi Eric

As a way of stopping it happening again and also to make sure that you have the track aligned on the baseboard correctly, make sure that the Automatic Height Adjustment on the positioning tool is set to "Terrain", then move the track without using the Gizmo, it should automatically align itself to the top of the baseboard. Make sure this state is also set when laying new track, unless you actually want it at a different height.

It's really easy to forget to set that and end up with things at random heights.


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Adding snip
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Hello @simonjackson1964,

Eric's mishap came about the other way round.
After deleting his original base panel by accident, he dragged a fresh one from the catalogue onto his layout.
Which ended up being stacked on top of the tracks, due to the height adjustment settings

He should have reset the base panel's z position to 0.
But raising the tracks was okay too as a solution. 


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Hello Goetz,

After reading your reply to simonjackson1964 how about if I deleted my base again and then installed a new as before.

But how do I set the zposition to 0 so this doesn't happen again or can I do this without deleting this base I have now.

Thanks for any help as always.


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vor 27 Minuten schrieb Eric Lord:

how do I set the zposition to 0

by first selecting the base plate
and then opening the "positioning" panel
where you enter a 0 in the appropriate field.

Please note the various labels, designed to guide you   


Hope this helps you to not only solve your current riddle
but also understand a little better, how the user interface is struchtured?


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Thanks again Goetz.

The reason I didn't reply to your message saying that I should learn how to do a screen shot was because I only got to sèe it after another person sent a reply.

I then found that I couldn't reply directly to you for some reason and that was why I posted the pictures on the forum.

I still can't do a screen shot but found a program called Snagit.

I will look at the base ths evening and get back to you.


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