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Eric Lord

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Good morning, 

I asked about this problem some weeks ago and Goetz solved it for me, but the same thing has happened again and I can't find his answer.

The proble is that part of the switches aren't showing.

Goetz told me to alter a setting on the base board so if he could get back to me that would be great.



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@Eric Lord

Hi Eric, I'm not entirely sure how you managed to have the same problem again, but two things that might help prevent it in the future:

1) Double click on the baseboard to select it then right click, In the menu that pops up ensure that the item "Locked" is ticked, This should help prevent accidental movement of the baseboard. Also ensure that it's coordinates are 0/0/0.

2) When placing track, make sure that "Automatic Height Adjustment (Terrain) is ticked, this will ensure that the track is placed at the correct height on the baseboard. To make sure the track already there is the right height, select all track lengths and drag them slightly not using the gizmo, but with the same height adjustment setting. That should move them all to the top of the baseboard. Of course if you have gradients it may not work correctly and you will have to adjust the track lengths individually.

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