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Can a Block Signal set a variable speed, depending on Loco type..?


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Good afternoon...

Apologies in advance; this may be a bit long... I'm using the ME08 Block Signal as an example, with its 'Speed Table'. Currently, the Speed in there is a Number ('80' in the generic one...). Here's my question...
Supposing 3 types of Loco (Goods, Passenger, Express for instance...), using Keywords such as Keyw_Good, Keyw_Pass and Keyw_Expr. I'd set up 3 Variables (Spee_Good, Spee_Pass, Spee_Expr...) at 40, 70 and 100 respectively. How may the Block signal 'read' the Keyword of the triggering Loco, and set the departing Speed to the appropriately allocated Variable, so that the Goods Loco sets of at 40, the Passenger Loco at 70 etc instead of the fixed '80' as in the generic signal..? Can this be achieved..? I've looked though quite a lot of examples and Forum Q & A, but found nothing to suit. Maybe it can't be done, but if it can, how, please..? Thanks for any clues...

Guten Tag...

Entschuldigung im Voraus; das kann etwas lang werden... Ich verwende das ME08 Block Signal als Beispiel mit seiner 'Speed Table'. Derzeit ist die Geschwindigkeit darin eine Zahl ('80' im generischen ...). Hier meine Frage...
Angenommen, 3 Arten von Lokomotiven (Waren, Personen, Express zum Beispiel...) mit Schlüsselwörtern wie Keyw_Good, Keyw_Pass und Keyw_Expr. Ich würde 3 Variablen (Spee_Good, Spee_Pass, Spee_Expr...) auf 40, 70 bzw. 100 einrichten. Wie kann das Blocksignal das Schlüsselwort der auslösenden Lok 'lesen' und die Abfahrtsgeschwindigkeit auf die entsprechend zugewiesene Variable setzen, so dass die Güterlok auf 40, die Personenlok auf 70 usw. anstelle der festen '80' einstellt? im generischen Signal..? Kann das erreicht werden..? Ich habe zwar ziemlich viele Beispiele und Forum Q&A angeschaut, aber nichts passendes gefunden. Vielleicht geht es nicht, aber wenn ja, wie bitte..? Danke für Hinweise...


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vor 38 Minuten schrieb Dad3353:

Can this be achieved..?


I wouldn't use a keyword though. Use a variable and enter the desired speed into it.
When you approch the signal, you can transfer the value from the variable to the departing speed.

However ... V7 is about to change and massively improve all that. I'd recommend that you put that question aside for another 3 to 4 weeks, maybe.


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Since we are still in V6 .... But i understand Götz, probable Neo has a nicer solution in V7. 

Can you do something with one of those ? TB01 SignalL V6.mbp  or this one TB08 SignalG V6.mbp

Both signals are generic. Both signals use a variable to restart the train after the signal  is green, with their own speed. The second is a based on ME08 Block signal.
The main difference is that SignalL keeps the name of the train when triggering the track contact of the signal. SignalG looks which train is at that moment on the track contact of the signal. Both signals do handle pulling and pushing trains, with positive or negative speed.

Feel free to use / ask about it. But it's only to help. 
Kind regards,



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1 hour ago, Herman said:


Since we are still in V6...

Thanks, Herman; I now have an even bigger collection of signals to understand and get working on my layout. Excellent. I'll study them all this evening (and probably through the night..!), and see how they might be made to do what I'm looking for. V7 will be another kettle of fish...

Danke, Hermann; Ich habe jetzt eine noch größere Sammlung von Signalen, die ich verstehen und an meinem Layout arbeiten muss. Exzellent. Ich werde sie alle heute Abend studieren (und wahrscheinlich die ganze Nacht hindurch...!) und sehen, wie sie dazu gebracht werden könnten, das zu tun, wonach ich suche. V7 wird ein weiterer Fischkessel...


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Hi Douglas

A very good friend of mine has seen your post and sent me a solution that he feels will solve your predicament. 

I'm not sure if this message is a duplication of one that I was compiling several minutes ago so if it is then my apologies but I could not find how to include an attachment in that one so it might simply have been deleted.

Anyway attached is what my good friend feels should be OK. None of this is my work, I'm not cleaver enough (yet), perhaps in another 5 years!!!

Hope it helps.

Kind regards


Signal Speed distribution.mbp

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Sorry for the double post, but actually, you can store the required speeds actually on the locomotive - I've done that in the past. Also possible to store a "low speed" for advance signals indicating danger at the next main signal, should you want that to be different from the track limit of 24mph.

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Yes, I'm looking at all of these methods and suggestions keenly, but slowly (old age, eh..?). I'll be using most of these solutions in my on-going layouts. I'll doubtless be back with more questions in further posts, but, for now (and while V7 is still in the future...), I've enough to keep me amused. Many thanks to all. (y)

Ja, ich schaue mir all diese Methoden und Vorschläge eifrig an, aber langsam (Alter, eh..?). Ich werde die meisten dieser Lösungen in meinen laufenden Layouts verwenden. Ich werde zweifellos mit weiteren Fragen in weiteren Beiträgen zurück sein, aber für den Moment (und solange V7 noch in der Zukunft liegt ...) habe ich genug, um mich zu amüsieren. Vielen Dank an alle. (y)

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