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bevorzugten Zeitraum für den Aufbau einer Anlage


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Um welche Zeit in Eisenbahngeschichte  bevorzugen Sie verwenden, wenn Sie eine Modellbahnanlage  bauen?

Die Zeit der frühen Dampfmaschinen

Späte Dampfmaschinen  und Früh Diesels

Später Diesels und frühen Elektro

Moderne Bahn mit Betonschwellen  und hochmoderne  Eisenbahnwaggons


Survey Question

What time in railroad history do you prefer to use when you are building a model railroad layout?

The time of early steam engines

Late steam Engines and Early Diesels

Later Diesels and early Electric

Modern Railroad with concrete ties and ultramodern rail cars

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Hallo Curt,

mich interessieren sowohl die alten Züge der Länderbahnzeit als auch die Fahrzeugvielfalt die berühmten Züge bis zur Epoche 3, beispielsweise "Orient Express", "Rheingold", "TEE".

I'm interested in old trains from the era of the old German royal states as well as in the variety of vehicle types and famous trains until era 3, for example "Orient Express", "Rheingold", "TEE".

Viele Grüße / many greetings

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Hallo Curt,

auch ich bevorzuge die Epoche 3 wie Bahnland, da damals 1. noch Dampfzüge fuhren, 2. die Züge noch bunter waren. Durch ihre Farben waren Züge auch eindeutig gekennzeichnet (blau/grün/rot D-Zug, rot/beige TEE (später IC), grün Nahverkehr (Umbauwagen), silber Nahverkehr (Silberlinge), Dieselloks rot, E-Loks blau, grün, rot.

me too, i'm interested in era 3, because 1. there were trains with steam locomotives, 2. the trains had more colors. With their design, the trains could be identified clearly (blue 1.class, green 2.class, red dining car in fast passenger trains, red/creme in TEE (later InterCity), green passenger train (look "Umbauwagen" in catalogue), silver passenger train (look "Silberling" in catalogue), "Diesel"-locomotives in red, electric locomotives in blue (fast passenger trains), green (slow passenger trains and freight trains), red (switcher).

please take a look at Bahnlands lists

greetings Michel, the N-scale-builder

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I like late steam Engines and Early Diesels. This is representing the time when I was young and keen on to get any information about railways .

No - I never would be a driver of a locomotive - I wanted to measure the tracks.

:o Alas - ist was often too wet and cold to work outside on the railway without any shelter to hide. So  I decided to work as a real-life-geometer in other areas and on the model-railroad as well.

;) I have no problems to sing railway songs since then.

I still remember - just it was yesterday.:)


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