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Sounds (and maybe Video)


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Hi Curt,
I wouldn't second in'game' videos, because then I fear abusing. But using the port with another external program that reacts to MBS-Events and launches a player parametrized is possible. Still - needs someone to write this external program.
I have no idea if there will be file access by Lua (and I don't know if that can be restricted so that our computers will stay safe...), but perhaps then there could be an easier solution.


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Just wait for V5. Lua can make it, I have tested it, it works.

Launching the player is a one-liner, just go the Lua-Test-Shell and enter

os.execute('start C:\\Program Files\\DAUM\\PotPlayer\\PotPlayerMini64.exe C:\\sample.mp4')


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I just have to check out, how the size can be adjusted. With the pure command it goes fullscreen immediately

p.s.: I could write this external program in no time, the problem is, who should trust me and download that one. So that's nothing for the catalog.
So better let's wait.

p.p.s I'm not really amused that this is that easy to possibly grab data by Lua and send it to somewhere while using MBS :/

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vor 6 Stunden schrieb Andy:


this won't work in V5, you will not have access to any OS functions or other private data. All Lua scripts are running in an isolated sandbox. This allows sharing layouts without any security concerns.

You can upload your video to YouTube and include the link to the video in the description of the layout, which is always shown when the layout is loaded.

Kind regards,


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since people seem concerned about embedded video, I thought I'd set everyone's mind at ease.  I decided to just include a link to the video in the description and not ask for embedded.  This project is turning out to be harder and bigger than I thought.


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