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I don't speak German, and I don't see a forum for English anymore, so I'll just share some pics from a small harbor layout I designed to experiment with and shared in the community.  The final layout is about 6 times larger than this one, but there are too many scratch built items that have to be saved to my own catalog, so I won't be sharing the full size layout since it will have a lot of question marks on it.

Small Harbor.jpgThe harbor

Small Harbor 1.jpgAerial view

Small Harbor 2.jpgIntermodal docks

Small Harbor 3.jpgIntermodal service area

Small Harbor 4.jpgService trucks, container forklifts, yard trucks and container chassis in the service area.

Small Harbor 5.jpgContainer yard

Small Harbor 6.jpgPier side gantry cranes

Small Harbor 7.jpgLoading dock

Small Harbor 8.jpgLoading gondolas

Small Harbor 9.jpgHeavy equipment dock

Small Harbor 10.jpgHeavy equipment dock

Small Harbor 11.jpgSteel dock

Small Harbor 12.jpgCoil shed

Small Harbor 13.jpgCargo ship with steel coils

Small Harbor 14.jpgCargo ship with steel plate and pipe

Small Harbor 15.jpgLoading steel onto semi trucks

Small Harbor 16.jpgLiquid chemical loading and unloading tracks

Small Harbor 17.jpgLiquid chemical dock

Small Harbor 18.jpgTank truck loading platform

Small Harbor 19.jpgTank truck loading platform

Small Harbor 20.jpgFisherman's wharf and cannery row

Small Harbor 21.jpgPassenger station and cruise ship dock

Small Harbor 22.jpgYacht club

Small Harbor 23.jpgDeep sea dredge

Small Harbor 24.jpgDeep sea dredge close-up

Small Harbor 25.jpgScuba divers exploring ship wreck

Small Harbor 26.jpgEntertainment district


Small Harbor 27.jpgSkyline from fisherman's wharf

Small Harbor 28.jpgEMD "Big Mac" road engines at the interchange yard

Small Harbor 29.jpgFueling cranes and sanding tower at the interchange yard

Small Harbor 30.jpgRepairing a container gantry crane

Small Harbor 31.jpgChanging a flat tire on a container forklift in the intermodal yard

Small Harbor 32.jpgContainers being loaded onto rail cars

Small Harbor 33.jpgView across the harbor from the intermodal yard



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Hello badattitude77,

it's a very fantastic and excellent work, what you have realized here. (y)

By the way:
You can enforce te beginning of the picture legend below the picture by making a line feed behind it.

Many greetings from Munich

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Hallo badattitude77,

really beautiful what you've created here. Really great facility (y) . Sorry, the hotel is also impressive.

Greetings from Berlin       fex

Ps.:    Excuse my English. I had to pull the google translater to rate. 


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Thank you fex and Goetz.

Don't feel bad fex; at least you do speak German and English.  I only know English, so you have me beat.

There are probably hundreds of little details that could be added Goetz, but since I've left all of the scratchbuilt items in their primitive form, my computer's memory is about maxxed out on this one.

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I tried sharing this and other layouts with the community so people could explore it or use parts of it if they want, but everything I've tried sharing lately is reporting an unknown error.  I don't like that because I enjoy exploring other people's work in the community, and I've been inspired by the work other people have done.

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is it - maybe - a conflict of MBS versions that prohibts you from uploading a layout? If you're ahead of the current official version and working with a beta issue, uploads of layouts are not possible (I believe).

Still - you can always export your layout to an mbs file and then attach this to a posting here. That would at least grant some readers here access to it.

About Germany: Check out Rew Boss on Youtube. He's a brit who's now spent half his life in Germany. It's really entertaining to hear him describe Germany from his british point of view. Most of his videos are in English. And his German is excellent!

Edited by Goetz
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Thank you Goetz.  I had downloaded the beta upgrade, but I didn't like it, so I removed it.  Some of the layouts I've tried to share were submitted before the upgrade, so I'm not sure why they are still in review, or why there are unknown errors.  It seems the game has a few programming bugs still, but hopefully they will be worked out over time.

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Thank you N-Bahn-Bastler.  All the scratchbuilt items are made from the game's primitives so if it will upload to the community anyone can use them and save them to their catalog if they want to.  I don't see any sense in making something that can't be shared by others.

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