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Neue HO modellbahn zimmer...


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The staging yard was too boring a concept. 

So I have replaced it with an Alp pass station that all trains have to drive through. This is a very early view without details and final textures in place.

Kind regards,




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:D Great! I love all those 'special' solutions that people are able to find.
Perhaps the hint that a rough placement of a lot of same objects could be done with a plugin that is available! Don't know if you are aware of this.


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Hi Andy,

I have had the great pleasure of visiting Rüdesheim years ago and loved the town.

So I had to open a "Biergarten" on the main street :) Well, more of a "Weingarten"...

And then bring us to human viewing perspective. First beer or glass of wine is on me, all are invited ;)




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Vinter is here and Christmas approaching. Love snow and had to create a concept for the 4th module; "Ewiger Schnee" (Eternal snow)

This is very early without real mountain shapes, textures and buildings. Only a lot of "Gleiswendel" ;)

And with Roter Brummers wonderful little electric "nebenbahn" electric locomotive and wagons there will be transport to the very top...



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Hi Brummi,

those are very kind words. I think far too kind but thank you. Rolf Kniper is a legend in layout design and painting. I just like to paint in 3D :)

Here the first concept of the snowline (Schneegrenze). This is very difficult to get to look decent. But I will continue to work on it.

One challenge is the lack of your great looking low poly "Blautanne11" in a winter version. Do you still have the 3D model and texture available?
I mean if so, perhaps someday a winter version could be created... ;)





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