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Software to convert, sketchup export file to .mbe ?

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Hallo / Hello @arnyto,

".mbe" ist ein Format, das vom Modellbahn-Studio verwendet wird, um ein bereits existierendes MBS-Modell in eine Datei zu exportieren, die man auf einem anderen Rechner wieder in das Modellbahn-STudio importieren kann. Um ein Sketchup-Modell in das Modellbahn-Studio hochladen zu können, benötigst Du eine ".x"-Datei. Diese bekommst Du, wenn Du in Sketchup den Sketchup-DirectX-Exporter, den Du von dieser Seite herunterladen kannst, in Sketchup eingebunden, d.h. in das Pluguns-Verzeichnis von Sketchup eingefügt hast. Das ".3ds"-Format benötigst Du hierfür nicht.
".mbe" is a format used by the Train Studio to export an already existing TS model into a file that you can import back into the Train Studio on another computer. To be able to upload a Sketchup model to the Train Studio, you need an ".x" file. You get this file if you have integrated the Sketchup DirectX Exporter, which you can download from this page, into Sketchup, i.e. if you have inserted it into the plugins directory of Sketchup. You do not need the ".3ds" format for this.

Weil die Beschreibung des DirectX-Exportes nur in deutscher Sprache vorliegt, hier eine kleine Kurzbeschreibung der Exporter-Installation in englisch:
Because the description of the DirectX export is only available in German, here is a short description of the exporter installation in English:

  1. Locate this description.
  2. Download the file DirectX-Exporter V3.zip from there.
  3. Unpack this file. It contents the 3 files
    - DirectX_Exporter.ini (file for saving local exporter settings)
    - DirectX_Exporter.pdf (user handbook for the exporter - only in German)
    - DirectX_Exporter.rb (exporter script which realizes the export of the current sketchup model to an x-file)
  4. I assume, that you have installed Sketchup or Sketchup Make 2015, 2016, 2017 or later. In this case, locate the directory
    C:\Users\<userID>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins
    Here, you must replace "<userID>" by your user-specific user-directory-name, and "Sketchup 2017" by your current Sketchup version.
    To see the AppData directoy, you must enable to show hidden files within the file options from the Windows explorer.
  5. Place all 3 files from topic 3 (DirectX_Exporter.ini, DirectX_Exporter.pdf, DirectX_Exporter.rb) into the plugins directory.
  6. Then start or restart the Sketchup program. Sketchup must be newly started to recognize the new script file (".rb"-file) within the plugins directory.
  7. After you have (re)started Sketchup, you find the tab "Erweiterungen" (or possibly "Extensions") in the Menu list.
  8. Klicking there and selecting "DirectX+OBJ-Umwandlung -> X-Datei-Export", you can export the current loaded ".skp"-file to an ". x"-file, which then can be uploaded to the Train Studio.

Viele Grüße / Many greetings

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Hello @arnyto,


Select "Catalog -> 3D models -> New" in the main menu of the Train Studio.


Choose that type of model which you want to upload, e.g. "Vehicle".


Select the x-fle to be uploaded on your PC.


In case of a vehicle: Set properties, e.g. "Wagon without engine" and "lowering down" it because of the wheel rims.


Save the model into the desired section of your private catalog "My 3D models".

Many greetings

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Hello @arnyto,

I have resized your pictures, so that their edge lengths are powers from 2.

Corrected Pictures.zip

Please compare the new pictures with your original pictures to understand, what I have made. 

If you need to resize further pictures, you must not add additional areas to them or cut them. But you need to deform the pictures to get powers of 2 for the edge lengths. Only with this method you have the guarantee, that the textures placed on your models are still matching without need to place the textures once more onto your models.

By the way, I could not load your skp-files because I have installed an older version (Sketchup Make 2017) on my computer. In the present case. I didn't need the Sketchup models to correct the texture files. But you should replace your texture files currently assigned to the Sketchup models by the corrected texture files.

If you plan to attach further Sketchup files for diagnosis to your forum comments in the future, please store these Sketchup files as version 2017 or older, because I only can read these versions with my installed "Sketchup Make 2017". You can do this in your installed Sketchup 2020 by selecting an older version when storing the Sketchup model.


Many greetings

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Hello @arnyto,

I have studied your models and found very many group and component names which do not match to the DirectX syntax:

Many group and component names contain " " and "#" and "," or are beginning with a digit or consist only of digits. All these findings are not allowed als part of a group or component name in the DirectX syntax. Therefore, these x-files cannot be uploaded to the Train-Studio. There are too many errors to find and correct them by hand. To automatically correct these errors by a procedure I had to make many special changes within my exporter script. But currently I don't want to do this.

So I'm sorry, that I cannot shortly present you corrected versions of your x-files, so that they could be successfully uploaded to the Train-Studio.

Many greetings

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1 hour ago, arnyto said:

... find this free 3d model on a website and i want to learn step by step but it s most complicate that it looks...

I'm doing much the same, using the Regiolis as a base, but, as you say, it's not simple. I would recommend starting with very basic models, just to get started with the modelling software. A simple flat-bed truck with a pair of axles is already an achievement. Add little parts, making a cubic box van, then try to have a curved roof, for instance. The detailed models you've found are not constructed in an 'MBS-friendly' manner; it's quicker, for those already experienced, to start again. I'm learning much about Blender from the Regiolis, but not so much about modelling. B|

Ich mache das Gleiche mit der Regiolis als Basis, aber wie Sie sagen, ist es nicht einfach. Ich würde empfehlen, mit sehr einfachen Modellen zu beginnen, um mit der Modellierungssoftware zu beginnen. Ein einfacher Tieflader mit zwei Achsen ist bereits eine Leistung. Fügen Sie kleine Teile hinzu, machen Sie einen kubischen Kastenwagen und versuchen Sie dann zum Beispiel, ein gekrümmtes Dach zu haben. Die detaillierten Modelle, die Sie gefunden haben, sind nicht "MBS-freundlich" konstruiert. Für diejenigen, die bereits Erfahrung haben, ist es schneller, von vorne zu beginnen. Ich lerne viel über Blender von der Regiolis, aber nicht so viel über das Modellieren. B|

Je fais à peu près la même chose, en utilisant la Regiolis comme base, mais, comme vous le dites, ce n'est pas simple. Je recommanderais de commencer avec des modèles très basiques, juste pour commencer avec le logiciel de modélisation. Un simple camion plateau avec une paire d'essieux est déjà une réussite. Ajoutez de petites pièces, faites un fourgon cubique, puis essayez d'avoir un toit incurvé, par exemple. Les modèles détaillés que vous avez trouvés ne sont pas construits de manière «compatible MBS»; c'est plus rapide, pour ceux déjà expérimentés, de recommencer. J'apprends beaucoup sur Blender du Regiolis, mais pas tellement sur la modélisation. B|

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  • 3 years later...

Hi, I downloaded a model of the incredible Radio Kootwijk Gebouw A building, which has a fascinating history. I would like to import it into 3DTS, but it only accepts MBE files (as a Beatles fan, I have different associations with MBE ;-) ) and the 3D model is in SKP format. From the discussion above I understand that I can transfer the SKP via a SketchUp add-in. However SketchUp only accepts plugins in the Pro version and up. The Pro versions starts at €337 each year, which is a bit steep for just attempting to convert a single file. Does anyone know if there are any alternatives available? 

Thanks in advance!

Wopke - Newbie


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vor 37 Minuten schrieb HWB:

Hallo Wopke,


hier bekommst du das Sketchup 2017 dann brauchst Du noch den



Kootwijk (SU 2017).zip und dein modell für Sketchup 2017

Gruß Hermann


Da wird nichts draus, Hermann. Die Texturen haben keine 2er-Potenz, im Prinzip müsste das Modell neu erstellt werden. Denn auch wenn man die ganzen Texturen auf eine Multitextur mit 2er-Potenz legen würde, müsste man alle Texturen neu zuordnen. Kannst es selber sehen, ich habe die Texturen samt X-Datei mal hier angehängt.



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Am 6.4.2024 um 09:37 schrieb liftboy:

Ja, schön, aber wie gemacht, Hermann

... vielleicht sagt Dir als Programmierer der Begriff "quick and dirty" etwas.
... wie es aussieht, die 11(!) Texturen auf die nächste 2er-Potenz skaliert, mit entsprechendem Ergebnis...


Entschuldige bitte @HWB... aber dies ist wirklich ein Schnellschuss...



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ohne Eintrag... ich wollte den vorhergehenden Beitrag noch ergänzen... und man kann einen Beitrag nicht ganz löschen...


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